The point of starting a worker's co-op in the midst of present-day news was about the attitude.


When we started talking about the look for Autonomy Cooperative, we did some group pinterest work together. The stuff that was appealing to us was clearly about resistance, but there was a related theme in DIY that was more than just protest signs. There was a feeling that everything has been unnecessarily complicated, and that there's a weird pressure not to get your hands dirty.


In an era when Apple's bragging about being the leader in computational photography and selling a camera that's really just a tiny part of a phone, the technical barriers aren't the issue anymore. In fact, lo-fi cameras are more fun than the ones on $1100 iPhones. Making is about vision, practice and elbow grease.


It also does take space, and a fair amount of preparation. Owning a garage door is helpful for this style.


And of course spray paint, because spray paint.